Solar Solutions

Chardome Nigeria Ltd is an indigenous renewable energy systems solution provider with focus on Solar energy. Our high quality photovoltaic (PV) panels which are based on monocrystalline silicon technology are designed to last for about 25 years. These PV panels enable generation of electricity from sunlight for various use cases (both private and commercial).

We have well trained and highly experienced system engineers and technicians that carry out tailored design and installation of complete Solar Power Systems (PV panels, charge controllers, inverters and back-up battery banks).

Our Services

Our customized services include design, supply and installation of the following:

How we engage

We simplify our work into four basic steps, namely: Architecture, Planning, Installation and finally, Operation/Maintenance.


We conduct an in-depth architectural analysis of the customer’s site and proceed to system specifications and dimensioning.

Planning & Design

We then proceed to proffer design options and proposals. Here, we also take an in-depth look at the cost expectations as well as the resources required to define the scope of the project.


Our next step is to then execute installation of the systems based on the design earlier proposed and agreed. We adhere to industry best practices to guarantee that all necessary safety standards are met and quality assurance is achieved to ensure that our customer is satisfied.


Upon commissioning of the project, we do not abandon the customer. We provide training to their staff on basic troubleshooting and also periodically offer maintenance services to them. We also ensure that our customer services team is available to attend to the customer should they require our attention.

Products & Services

Our customized services include design, supply and installation of the following: