What we do

Managed Services

Chardome offers exceptional managed services to small, medium and large organization. These services range from end user support to enterprise IT outsourcing support. We take operational tasks and activities off your business while we allow you focus on your core business. Our managed services offering reduces your overall business operations costs and improves overall operational efficency.

Cloud Consulting Services

We provide cloud consulting service to our clients to help them properly profile the services and datasets that are best fit for cloud environments. This helps them to save cost and operate more effectively by enabling them to deploy services faster thereby increasing their operational efficiencies. Our Cloud Services Solutions are designed to help you cut operational expenditure, improve efficiency and eliminate the inherent risk of having physical infrastructure.

Sourcing Services

We provide excellent sourcing services to our clients. We take the burden off our clients by going the extra mile to ensure source for and supply best quality products thereby freeing up our clients time to enable them focus on their core business functions.

Data Center Services

CHARDOME offers many data center services and several options to improve performance, and ensure your data centers have 100% uptime efficiency, even during an emergency.
We help agencies achieve their cost savings, environmental sustainability, cybersecurity, and consolidation goals through a suite of data center services, including:

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Data center architecture
  • Data center operations
  • Data storage